Denim is a sturdy warp-faced cotton textile manufactured from raw cotton yarns. The spun yarns are made into ropes and then dipped in an indigo dye bath. Jeans are one of the most popular clothing items across the world.

Always wash your jeans inside out, at a maximum of 30 degrees with similar colors on a fine washing cycle. Wash your denim items as minimal as possible, as it will lose its original color over time.

Dry your denim inside out. Don't use a dryer, as your denim can shrink and could cause wear and tear.

It is not necessary to iron your denim. In the event there are some creases you would like to flatten, then set the iron to the highest setting and use steam.

Denim items can be stored folded.

Tips and tricks:
When washing denim, always follow the instructions on the washing label on the inside of the garment.