Cotton is a natural textile made from the cotton plant's seed fluff. Cotton is a popular fabric choice because of its various positive characteristics. Cotton, for example, has high wear resistance, ensuring a high level of quality. It also offers a comfortable fit and is moisture-wicking.

Keep in mind that if you wash your cotton garments for the first time, they will turn off-color. We suggest washing the products separately the first time to avoid color bleeding. The garment can be washed at a maximum temperature of 40 degrees. Cotton holds up well to repeated washings at high temperatures, but bear in mind that your garment will wear out faster if you wash it often.

Cotton is sensitive to color fading through sunlight. Do not allow cotton to dry in direct sunlight. When using a tumble dryer, make sure to dry the clothes inside out and prevent high temperatures. You want to avoid wear and tear of your garments.

Cotton can be ironed at high temperatures with ease (200 degrees). Double-check the facts on the care label at all times. When cotton is blended with synthetic fibers such as polyester, the temperature is lowered (110 degrees).

Cotton garments could be stored both suspended and folded. To avoid discoloration, do not hang colored cotton clothing in direct sunlight.

Tips and tricks:
When washing viscose, always follow the instructions on the washing label on the inside of the garment.